Sunday, November 23, 2014

Blog Post #14

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Mr Klien had some really great points in his Article.
Teachers staying teacher just because of Seniority.
Students not being allowed to choose which schools they can attend.

I do think that children can learn just as much from a 1st year teacher as they can from one thats been teaching for many years. Giving teachers the positions based upon just seniority is not a smart way. I do think that evaluations in the actual classroom is the way to choose which teachers get the jobs. Some teachers that have been teaching for years are not easily adapted to change and the new technology that is available to the students is a bother to them. One method I do think would benefit the schools is having a committee that comes in and observes the teachers teaching the class in actually daily setting. Granting a teacher a job just because of the length of years your been in your job is a Big Mistake.

One way I think students can excel in learning by being able to have the choice of what schools they can attend. Students that live in poorer communities often are at a disadvantage in the learning due to schools not having all the necessary items for the advance learning. Having the option of these students attending in a different area gives them the necessary items to have the same quality of education.

I do believe that have these options in place will help the students get the best quality of education. Teaching to me is a very important job and students being active in the learning process makes a huge difference in the quality of educations students receive.

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  1. Hi Kimberly! I also agree that there should be a board in place to filter through the teachers if they are not up to par. I also think that seniority should not grant security if that teacher is not doing there job to the best of their ability. Great post!