Saturday, November 15, 2014

Blog Post #13 Technology Good or Bad?

Take a look at these links provided and summarize the key facts about Technology being a Good or Bad step for having in a classroom.

kids on computers

Taking EDM 310 I can see that using technology can be a step in the direction on what the future holds. I also see that its not an option all teachers can use in teaching. I know as a parent of three students in the Mobile County Public School System its not something they can use everyday because its not available to every student.

Negative effects of using technology

Timothy Smithee states that the negative effects are the cost of providing these devices in each classroom is a very expensive process. Not only does it not just stop at buying the devices but you have to maintain the devices as well. He also show that it can be a distraction to some students with all the access to the games, emails, and on some devices text messaging that is available. I know that having extra distractions is a big deal with teachers in schools were students are allowed to bring their own devices to schools. Its hard to make sure that every student is using the device properly.

Negative Effects of Using Technology in Today's Classroom

This article by ulia Klaus shows that using technology can hinder some of the children's learning. Children from low income areas without access to devices will have little knowledge of the technology. This then will require the teacher to teach on the device instead of the subject at hand. They also point out that technology is overused and takes away the physical learning aspect. Having hands on learning is what many students need to really understand the subjects. Having three students in schools where they don't have computers and devices for every student technology is not an option they can use without having separate lessons going so they can take turns with the device.

Technology in the classroom good or bad?

In this Article Kellie Flaherty shares that not every student benefits from having technology in all school subjects. Each student learns differently. When you have a children with attention problems hands on learning is a way for them to focus there attention on the physical item that are in there hands. This is not an option when you hand a I pad to research and only have a picture to look at. You can also see that some students learn at a better pace with the technology and having he ability to research any topic and having the answers right then.

Technology in the Classroom: The Good and Bad When it comes to education technology, do the benefits outweigh the problems?

In this article Mr. Crowell points out that most children have used technology before entering school. Using technology in the classroom enhances the way students learn. This to me has a lot of truth to it. My children have learned so much with using their tablets and also having access to the computer and the educational games.


  1. Kim,
    You chose a great idea for this blog post that you created. Although, I do agree that technology should be used in the classroom because I feel it has tremendous power in the learning process. I understand that some may view it as a negative thing, so it was interesting to see the difference in what these sources viewed as the negative and positives of technology. Good job.

  2. And where do you stand on the question (as opposed to your position on the various arguments)?

  3. I do believe that technology in the classroom is a step into the future of teaching. But so many school systems do not have the means to equip every child with a device and then it makes it very hard to incorporate the technology based learning. Being a parent to three children in a school system where they only have 4 devices per class and 23 to 25 students in that class its a big problem. Plus the devices available are not all the same device and don't have the same programs or apps available. One other issue is not every students has access to the internet at home. I asked my sons third grade class at Castlen Elementary "How many of you have internet at home 10 0ut of 23 had internet and I also asked my Daughters Sixth Grade math class at Grand Bay Middle School and 14 out of 25 had internet available. This to me would make it hard to just have the technology be the only way to teach because I can see students getting behind without the availability to work on the assignments at home. So my honest opinion is that there is not a good or bad definite answer to technology but I don't think it should be the only way we teach.