Sunday, November 2, 2014

Blog Post 11

Back to The Future is a great way to get the students excited about science and all other subjects. I do agree that project based learning is the way that students learning the most out of every opportunity given to the students. Brian Crosby has a great teaching style for the teaching that I am going to strive to use. Students showing off their skills by posting to their own blogs gives them the chance to reach the world with new ideas on ways to learn. I really enjoyed the high hopes ideas to show them they are important and that they can reach the world even as young as they are. I can see that being taught the skills to teach yourself and agreeing to always be an active learning can really enrich your students excitement about learning new things

Blended Learning Cycle by Paul Anderson is a great example of using all technology and regular materials in a cycle. Giving your students a great hook "a great in depth questions" is a great way to draw the students in to researching,graphing,experimenting and then reviewing. Once this process is completed the teacher then gets involved in getting the students to explain they question this way they will know if they full understand. They then are given the summary quiz and then eventually a paper pen quiz. If they don't make a great in-depth answer then the cycle is repeated so the child will be able to learn the necessary information. I do believe this is a great way for students to not feel like they have been given up on.

Making thinking visible by Mark Church using collaboration in learning is a great way for students to really brain storm and use their ideas to answer the driving questions. When asking the questions students then have to do their own research into finding the answers of why or why not on their own. Developing the skills to show that they can problem solve own their own without being given the answers.

Super Digital Citizen is a great way to teach safety in internet searching. Creating a superhero character is a great way to engage to students in to learning with a sense of ownership to them. The comic book is a great way to create a narrative of a situation that would happen in real life and be able to use their super hero character to show them what is wrong about what they are trying to do. I do believe safety is a major issue with online learning and using these scenarios to help each student be aware of the dangers is a great way to stop the danger before its a problem.

Project Based Learning By Dean Shareski is a great way to see that feedback is a great tool in the teaching process. The idea of combining subjects into one is a great way to have more time to work and teach. This to me is a great idea. I do believe also that every student needs feedback in every area of their work. Once a child sees that the teacher feedback is their to help them do better and not to tear them down they will want to do their best and go over a beyond whats asked of them.

Roosevelt Elementary Project Based Learning is such a great example of this way of learning. Students are being taught to work collaboratively on a real life situation to come up with an answer to the problem. I can see that students of any learning style can really benefit from the project based learning due to the fact that it will give them the confidence that they can do it. This is a great way to help student be creative and develop the skill need to be great problem solvers own there own.
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  1. Hi Kimberly,I agree with you the PBL is the great way to help the student be creative and develop the skill need to solver own problem.