Sunday, October 12, 2014

Implications & Teaching Opportunities for Camera Use in Teaching & Learning

I rely on my smartphone for everything and it is a big part of my life. I use it for getting directions, communication,picture taking, making videos, viewing my emails, and so much more. As a student in college I use my smartphone as my portable computer because it is easier to grab than getting my laptop out and waiting on it to come on.

Now a days most every student has a smartphone. This is somethings students are told to keep in their book bags and keep turn off. I can see where some teachers and administrators view devices as ways for students to cheat and use to increase bullying. This could be true in some cases but I can also see the benefits of having the phone available in the classroom. Students would have the capability of researching information right then and not having to wait till a computer is available. With many Schools going into the digital age where an electronic device is highly recommended for every student it only makes sense to allow the smartphone to be used in the classroom.
students using smartphones in class
One app the students can access and really use is camera function not only does it take pictures but also videos. Students can take pictures of the notes the teacher gives for later reference or video the lecture to use later to study. It can also be used in the different projects given by making presentations and movies of the assignments. They can also use the digital boards to keep everything organized or make a I movie to really show the information they are wanting to share.

Smartphones are the future and any tools you can enable students to learn is a positive thing. It can only enhance the learning process and make a better student.

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