Sunday, October 12, 2014

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What can we learn about teaching and Learning from Randy Pausch?
 Randy Pausch

I was very impressed with Randy Pausch's Last Lecture. He shared many idea's that can be a very positive way to make a difference in how to view any situation that occurs in life or the classroom. The two that really stood out to me was the "Enabling the Dreams of Others" and "When you see yourself doing something badly and no one says anything anymore then thats a key sign that they have given up on you".

"Enabling the Dreams of Others" to me is very important in the creative process for anyone. Dreaming can spark the imagination which can really be beneficial in the project based learning. This day and time we see that many children don't take the time to develop their imagination because of all the electronics available. Being a teacher that is able to help a student develop their imagination with encouraging the dreaming process can really build the confidence in the student's life. It also will give the students the tools to do the assignments themselves. Students need to know that their is not always a yes or no answer to everything and thinking outside the box is okay.

The idea Randy Pausch shared about " When you see yourself doing something badly and no one says anything anymore then thats. a key sign that they have given up on you" is so true in today's world. I think it is human nature to give up on things or people that just don't get it. This should be a big warning for anyone especially teachers. Never show anyone that you have given up on them. As a child it was hard for me to concentrate with a lot of commotion and with a class of over 25 it was easy for my teacher labeled me as learning disabled. This then pushed me into another class part of the day which removed me from her class. This showed me that was I was dumb and then I developed the I don't care attitude. When I was promoted to the next grade that teacher saw that I was capable of doing everything the other students could. She then stayed on me to do my best and showed me that I could do anything that I set my mind to. I owe her so much for not giving up on me and showing me that I was capable of making good grades. With this confidence I made honor roll and graduated high school with an advanced diploma with honors. My goal is to find all my students potential and help them develop it and accomplish it. So that they will have the confidence that anything is at there reach as long as they want it.

I am every grateful that Dr. Strange assigned this as a blog post. I am going to make sure the ideas he shared are incorporated in my teaching style.

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  1. Good post.

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    "develop there imagination"--their
    "the students life"--student's
    "in todays world"--today's

    I think watching this video was one of my favorite assignments when I took the class. I learned a lot from it.