Friday, October 3, 2014

Blog Post 7

How to Make An Audio QR Code By: Michele Bennett
This video shows you step by step how to create an audio QR Code. What a great beneficial tool for teachers to have in the classroom.
The function that stands out to me the most is how the students could read along. Seeing the words and hearing them pronounced is great for the students memory and word recognition. Being able to learn these concepts is a great confidence booster for a child learning to read.

Ipad in the Reading Center By: Ginger Tuck
In this video students are using the Ipad to record themselves reading a passage and then can play back their reading to see if they made any mistakes. This to me is a great way for the students to use their skills taught to them to correct the problems. This is a great example of how much technology in the classroom is a great way for students to excel in their learning.

Poplet as a Center
Poplet is a great app to have when needing to create a web. I can see this app really benefiting the younger students in creating webs with pictures and adding text. This app is a great way to teach the children to take pictures, type in text, and create a web using the I pad. This gives the children the tools to make and learn all about a subject by having a template to complete their research and store what was found.

Alabama Virtual Library as a Kindergarden Center
The Virtual Library is a great way to access information from library books on a electronic device. This allows the Children to access books that may not be in the schools library. The function that reads the books to the children is a great way for the Children who struggle with reading to be able to complete the activities without getting frustrated with the reading.

Discovery Education by:Tammy Shirley
Discovery Education is a great way for students to do research on a particular topic and store it all in on place. This is a great way for the student to work independently or with a group. Seeing the student explain how she was able to create the board you can see that it is very user friendly.

Students Sharing:
1.Board Builder Project by Mrs. Tassin
2.Board Builder Project By Mrs. Tassin

This reminds me of the science project we had to do on the tri-fold poster display boards. This looks like a lot more fun and interactive process. In the first video the boys went on a virtual field trip and then collected pictures from Safari and displayed them along with the information about the animal.

In the second video the girls explained the information about "The Haven" and animal rescue place. They were collecting money to provide the animals with the necessary item they need to survive until a new home is found. You could hear in the children's voice the passion that they had for this cause. Having the children develop this board allows the children to display the information to whoever asks about the cause.

Using iMovie and the Alabama Virtual Library in Kindergarten
Listening to Michele Bennett and Elizabeth Davis talk about using technology in the classroom really opens my eyes to all the learning that they students have at their finger tips. The younger you can introduce these different programs and apps to the Children the better they will understand them and can use them. I can see the excitement in the children when they are able to use the devices to find the information themselves and also to create the book trailers.

We All Become Learners
Listening to Dr Strange, Michele Bennett, and Elizabeth Davis you can tell how passionate they are about having technology available in the classroom. Its seem to be a concept that is easy to teach to the younger generation. I know from personal experience it is not all easy as an adult to learn. Thank you for your insight into the Project Based Learning and the importance of having the use of technology available in the classroom.

student using ipad in class


  1. Kimberly,

    Great organization in your post! I shared similar views in my post: I am unfamiliar with some of these applications, but I am willing to learn and realize that technology is vital in today's classroom. We will both learn together in this class! I also liked how you related Board Builder to try-fold display projects; I remember doing these in school as well and you're right - it is fun and engaging and I'm sure our future students will love Board Builder!


  2. Good post.

    The proper way to write the name of Apple's tablet is "iPad". Also, "unknown" is never an acceptable source for a picture. You found that picture on some website! The website you found it on (not including Google Images) works as a source.

  3. Rebecca I hope I fixed everything that was wrong I am trying on this stuff but I am getting so frustrated. Seem I am not getting much right.