Sunday, October 26, 2014

Blog Post #10

Watching the Little Kids...Big Potential." Kathy Cassidy's 1st grade class shows that children at any age can benefit from having technology available to them in their learning environments. Listening to the excitement in the students makes me want to be able to have these learning style in my classrooms in the future. I only see one drawn back and that is not every school has access to the technology to be able teach in this way. I can't wait for all this technology to be available in every classroom so this learning style can be taught to every student.

Being a future teacher I would like to have a classroom blog and Facebook page so that I can post future assignments, weeks test, spelling list, and upcoming activities and the work of my Students. Having links to the different learning sites that students can have access to when at home can really help with giving extra practice to what's being taught. Parents can also post to this site with any questions about whats going on.

The interview with Kathy Cassidy shows that we as teachers should always be open to learning anything that will help they students succeeded. Learning the different technology can be a great benefit in showing the students the new ways in learning.
Part 1 with Kathy Cassidy
Part 2 with Kathy Cassidy
Part 3 with Kathy Cassidy

 boy using ipad for information


  1. When I become a teacher I would more than less use Twitter or the newest popular social media network. Facebook is great to use but I believe that it will be obsolete in a couple of years. But good job keep up the good work.