Sunday, September 14, 2014

Project #15 Search Engines

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Exploring the Different Search Engines these where the ones that I could see myself using:

#1 Web MD: This is a great search engine to have medical information available 24/7 by inputing your symptoms that you are experiencing and find out what illness you may have. It also allows you to input medications and see what side effects they may have and what illnesses they may treat. You can also learn about heath living and what the experts say.

#2 WolframAlpha: This is a great search engine for computing math problems and equations. This also gives example of different problems to give you help with those specific math problems. This site also shows the children how to work the problems out to help them understand.

#3 This is a great search engine for a person to get help in finding a job in their area. It allows them to input their job interests and tells them what job is available. Then if a job is found that they would like to apply for you can upload their resume and send to that employer.
 Cartoon man with magnifying glass looking down at the word JOBS

#4 This is a great way to find homes that interest you without wasting a day driving around and not finding anything that you like. You can input the area you are interested in and then Zillow finds the houses that are available and allows you to view pictures, the local map of the area around the listing and see the price of the home. This allows you to decide if the home is a listing you would like to visit in person. This also shows you apartments that are available in the area as well.

#5 This is a great search engine to use because it doesn't collect personal data. This allows you to search the Internet with great security function. I saw that this kept the pop up ads to a minimum because no data is giving to show your interests.

#6 This is a very similar Search Engine to Google and yahoo. This allows you to search the information you are needing to find the answers to and locate the sights to go to. I enjoy this site the most when wanting to watch shows that I have missing on the television or just want to see again.

#7 This site allow you to search several different travel sites to find the best hotel, airfare, and rental car prices for the trip you are wanting to take. Having to only input the information for your trip one time and having several sites show the cheapest routes to take is a time saver.

#8 This site allows you to ask it any question and it will help you find the sites needed to answer that particular question. This is very similar to google and yahoo but offers different sights to view for the answer.

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