Sunday, September 14, 2014

C4T Comment for Teachers Project #4 1 and 2

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After reading "The Art of Listening" on The Adventure of Library Girl's blog. I was able to see a situation where asking the right questions can be an important tool. Jennifer La Grande in this post did a great job in asking the questions to the teachers "What would it take to make you see bringing students to the library as a good use of your instructional time?". This proved to be a great way to get the information needed to make her new job as librarian a little easier. This also showed the teachers that she was there to work hand and hand with them to make the trips to the library an educational experience and not a waste of time. Jennifer was able to have the library visits how the teachers needed them for the instructional time and also made them an adventure for the children to all look forward to.

Being able to compile data from many different people and turn it into how you teach or in Jennifer's case being a librarian shows that you are willing to listen to others and change without holding a grudge or getting mad that your way is wrong. As teachers working together in all areas will not only make the learning environment a positive one but also keeps the kids engaged in the subject matter without any voids in the learning.

Not only can this concept work for teachers to communicate with teachers. But I can see the teacher engaging the students in an educational question and giving them a chance to make their decision on what learning style will better suit the class or each individual student can be beneficial. I am really glad this Blog was assigned for me to read and comment on. I learned some valuable tools that I hope will not only make me a good teacher but will help me with the teacher to teacher relationship that is so important.

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Walking in Mathland
When reading this blog post I really enjoyed how the teacher taught the lesson on Linear Extrapolation (line of best fit). Natalie Turbiville had her students bring in barbies/action figures and she provided the rubber bands. The students were divided in groups of four and were giving a packet and the rubber band to start collecting their data to complete a workable bungee cord. They had to collect pre and post data for the experiment. The,in the experiment the students attached the Barbie/Action figure to their rubber bands and had them jump and videoed their results. I do believe that hands on activities are a great way for students to not only take control of their learning and to also for the students to remember that concept by associating it with the experiment done. I also enjoyed seeing and hearing how much the children loved learning in this way.

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  1. Hello Kimberly, my name is Javious Williams. Nice blog post!! I totally agree with what Jennifer was trying to do as a librarian. I think reading is extremely important for all students because reading helps enhance students writing and critical thinking skills. I also agree that the teacher to teacher relationship is important because all teachers can learn and benefit from each other and create a positive atmosphere throughout the school. However, I did notice a few punctuation errors and a couple of incomplete sentences. There was nothing major, but always be sure to proof read your work before submitting it.