Saturday, September 27, 2014

C4K Summary for month September

 poster that says All Students can Shine

I really enjoyed reading Nikki's Blog. I do believe her book review is a great way to draw in other students with an interest in reading the book for themselves. So that they can then find out what all happens to Olivia.
Cover of Sleepover book

Reading Nieka post on her Elephant whisperer Nieka's Blog you can tell that she had a great understanding of what she had read by the detail she used in her explanation. I enjoy seeing how children are using the blogs as an extra way to communicate with there teachers and other students.
 Book cover with Elephant

I enjoyed reading Rowans Blog Mrs Greers ELA because of all the expressions he used to explain where the characters were located, the things that they saw, and the events that were taking place within the story.
tree limb with a bird perched on it

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