Sunday, September 21, 2014

Blog Post #5

When I saw the Question "What is a PLN(Personal Learning Network)?" it sparked my interest in learning more about it. To me I can see that it is a great way to have all your online links organized and at your finger tips. In researching Netvibes and Symbaloo I found that Symbaloo was a lot more user friendly. I gave my 11 year old a chance to try the two sites out and she choose Symbaloo as the sight that she could use without help.
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I can see where the Personal Learning Network is a great tool for anyone to incorporate in all their digital media works. I have found that social media sites such as Facebook and twitter are great ways to follow your friends, fellow classmates, and even your classes. This allows for you to receive updates in all areas whither it be a class update or just a change in your family or friends lives. As a child, we didn't have the quick availability of getting our questions answered immediately and doing research from home was not something you could do not unless you had a set of encyclopedias. I do see where our children now have the tools to really get the most out of the learning process and developing a PLN is a great way for the children to really take control of there learning and feel in control of it all.
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  1. Not just kids, but teachers also! People are the core of PLNs!

  2. I agree Symbaloo is a great tool for all ages. I have started using it to organize my projects.. I am thinking about letting my ten year old use it, she would find it useful for school projects. I also think that PLN is a great way for students to keep gaining knowledge.