Monday, September 8, 2014

Blog Post #4

Being a teacher you will ask several questions through out your day. Keeping all the students engaged in the daily questions can be a daunting task. As a substitute myself I can see that many of the questions that I was asking were not questions that would engage the student to think beyond the questions. Watching Questioning Styles this really opened my eyes to the different style to keep everyone focus and thinking beyond the questions asked. I especially liked when he allowed the child to turn and pick a classmate to answer the question next. Having the different styles and techniques can really help not only the students but the teachers as well.

Watching Open Ended Questions and Asking Better Questions really gave me a better understanding of how open ended questions can really engage to students to really think beyond the simple question and give a detailed answer. This to me is a very effective tool because for the students that have trouble thinking beyond with the student sharing their thoughts other student can take this information a spark the thought process within them. As a teacher being able to observe the class and really use the open ended questions can prove to be a style of teaching that students will enjoy and not realize that they are learning in the process.

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