Monday, September 1, 2014

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Peer Editing

In this assignment I do understand how peer editing can be an essential part of the learning process. These videos and blog post showed how this process is a simple way to help your peers with their work. Staying positive is a great way for the other student to be willing to listen to the comment and correct the mistakes rather than getting offended by the comments and dismissing the advice before giving it a chance.

Some students also learn better from their peers than they do with the teacher. I know it is a lot easier to approach a fellow classmate and ask for help than it is to walk up and ask the teacher. Knowing that you have someone giving you feedback on things within your work is a positive step in making the changes needed before it is public knowledge. With this blog being a public recorded of you work I myself would chose to have the comments sent to me privately and not out for the world to view. This then enables me to make the changes with out being embarrassed at the mistakes made. I don’t want my fellow followers to see to may of my downfalls. Not that all the comments need to be made in a email but I do think most of the major issues should be handled that way.

A former teacher taught me that if you read the passage once to yourself and it sound right turn around and read it again out loud this way you can be sure to catch any errors that are obvious to the other readers.This process has been very successful for me in the past and I try and use it within all my work now. Peer editing is a tool that everyone should use and not be afraid of.

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  1. I absolutely love your last paragraph! I had a teacher tell me the exact same thing when I was in school. It really does help to read the paragraph and then reread it aloud. This has worked for me so well. This will definitely be something I use in my classroom. You are sure to find any mistakes that you look over the first time. Great blog!!

  2. Be sure to proof read each post you write before publishing it. I see quite a few typos in here. Also, don't forget that each blog post is required to have working links!