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Teaching in the 21St Century

1. Mr.Dancealot

This to me is a great example that not every class can be taught with lectures and power point presentations. This proves that you need to be able to be creative in the way that you teach. Students in this video were so confused trying to dance by just viewing their notes. This author shows that not allowing the students to participate in the class they failed at learning the items and steps needed. I do believe that everyone learns differently. The more the teachers are able and willing to adapt to their students differences will then make for a better classroom and student learning environment.

2. Teaching in the 21st Century By Kevin Roberts

Roberts shows that being a student now is easier than it was 10 years earlier. So much technology is available for a student to either get information right away to answer their questions or to teach them how to do the task thats asked of them. Teachers are not longer looked at as the one to "teach" but are more of the students advisers in all areas. The teacher may introduce the subject and then students use many search engines to find the answers to the questions given. This then allows the teachers to learn right along with the children in different areas. One other concept is the textbooks are more so a item of the past as the digital age has replaced them which then does away with the paper and pencil concepts.

3. The Networked Student

This to me is similar to the Homeschooled child. Mom "teacher" is there to guide the child in the right direction for instruction and to also filter the inappropriate material out of learning. Students use the different networks whether it be blogs, digital videos, and different sites that are set up just for them to use to teach themselves the lessons and to digitally take their tests. I do believe that students learn more from one another than they do from an adults. Children are a better influence on each other than many would think. It may be because they are just like the one that there helping. Which will then make the child feel that its the right concept.

4 Harness Your Students Digital Smarts

Mrs Davis to me is on the right track when teaching her students to use the technology that they have right at their finger tips. When Mrs Davis said" if you only have pencil and paper then only certain types of children are going to succeed." This to me says a lot because students don't all learn the same way. Having all these new tools to use and have immediate access to the information is awesome. Students now find themselves the teachers instead of the ones being taught. I can see this being a big confidence booster for many children who would otherwise struggle. Its more of a learn at your own pace style with the technology as your guide.

5. Flipping The Classroom

This concept for me is the best one so far. Many parents struggle with helping their child at home with homework because of the different ways they teach the same concepts they learned in school. Having these lessons taught at home will enable the parents to watch it with their child and learn the new method. I can also see where the class time will be free up for just review and help if need. Teacher would spend the whole class period instructing but walking around and physically seeing which child has the concept and which don't. One other benefit I see is the child can watch the teaching more than once and if its not understood the first time its there for the child to watch again.

6. Bringing the Locker Room into the classroom

I agree also with this concept because when all is involved in the learning and problem solving situations more is gained from the experience. Many times with sports the coaches show the athletes the way to go and the plays but it's all up to the athletes to perform and make the plays. They are the ones that would be able give you a real account of what works and what doesn't. Bring this into the classroom would be a great way for the students to take the lead and show the teachers the way that works for them to learn the concepts. This way the teacher is not wasting time with the ways that don't work and use the time on the ways that does.

 Students success Personalized Learning Chart.

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