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I really do agree with Mrs Sharon Davison when she posted about how important it is to have parent involvement in classroom activities. Parents showing involvement in what the child is doing shows the child that school is important. Parents having a connection with the teacher is an important step in showing the children that what they do is important no matter how small or big it is. I know with my children just having me their for a little while makes a difference in their behavior and communication with their teachers. I also have been may of times into the classroom and their are so many that are starved for that adult acceptance. I also enjoy the smile on my child's face when they are showing me their work and what they have accomplished.
 picture of male showing mom science project Title=

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Blog Post #14

 older white man sitting in chair

Mr Klien had some really great points in his Article.
Teachers staying teacher just because of Seniority.
Students not being allowed to choose which schools they can attend.

I do think that children can learn just as much from a 1st year teacher as they can from one thats been teaching for many years. Giving teachers the positions based upon just seniority is not a smart way. I do think that evaluations in the actual classroom is the way to choose which teachers get the jobs. Some teachers that have been teaching for years are not easily adapted to change and the new technology that is available to the students is a bother to them. One method I do think would benefit the schools is having a committee that comes in and observes the teachers teaching the class in actually daily setting. Granting a teacher a job just because of the length of years your been in your job is a Big Mistake.

One way I think students can excel in learning by being able to have the choice of what schools they can attend. Students that live in poorer communities often are at a disadvantage in the learning due to schools not having all the necessary items for the advance learning. Having the option of these students attending in a different area gives them the necessary items to have the same quality of education.

I do believe that have these options in place will help the students get the best quality of education. Teaching to me is a very important job and students being active in the learning process makes a huge difference in the quality of educations students receive.

CK4 for November

Christopher's Blog I really enjoyed the way that Christopher expressed is dissatisfaction with having to do Art project assigned to him and not allowing him to choose what he wants to do. Being creative starts with the Child.

children painting

Two Different Philanthropists, Both Amazing Role Models Daniel did a great job with giving the information on Walt Disney and Nelson Mandela. I do think the Daniel did his research on both men.

 walt disney with mickey mouse

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Blog Post #13 Technology Good or Bad?

Take a look at these links provided and summarize the key facts about Technology being a Good or Bad step for having in a classroom.

kids on computers

Taking EDM 310 I can see that using technology can be a step in the direction on what the future holds. I also see that its not an option all teachers can use in teaching. I know as a parent of three students in the Mobile County Public School System its not something they can use everyday because its not available to every student.

Negative effects of using technology

Timothy Smithee states that the negative effects are the cost of providing these devices in each classroom is a very expensive process. Not only does it not just stop at buying the devices but you have to maintain the devices as well. He also show that it can be a distraction to some students with all the access to the games, emails, and on some devices text messaging that is available. I know that having extra distractions is a big deal with teachers in schools were students are allowed to bring their own devices to schools. Its hard to make sure that every student is using the device properly.

Negative Effects of Using Technology in Today's Classroom

This article by ulia Klaus shows that using technology can hinder some of the children's learning. Children from low income areas without access to devices will have little knowledge of the technology. This then will require the teacher to teach on the device instead of the subject at hand. They also point out that technology is overused and takes away the physical learning aspect. Having hands on learning is what many students need to really understand the subjects. Having three students in schools where they don't have computers and devices for every student technology is not an option they can use without having separate lessons going so they can take turns with the device.

Technology in the classroom good or bad?

In this Article Kellie Flaherty shares that not every student benefits from having technology in all school subjects. Each student learns differently. When you have a children with attention problems hands on learning is a way for them to focus there attention on the physical item that are in there hands. This is not an option when you hand a I pad to research and only have a picture to look at. You can also see that some students learn at a better pace with the technology and having he ability to research any topic and having the answers right then.

Technology in the Classroom: The Good and Bad When it comes to education technology, do the benefits outweigh the problems?

In this article Mr. Crowell points out that most children have used technology before entering school. Using technology in the classroom enhances the way students learn. This to me has a lot of truth to it. My children have learned so much with using their tablets and also having access to the computer and the educational games.

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ideas and Thought I think his idea of pod cast are a great idea. Having all the information available is a great way to continue to learn. Fresh ideas are a great way to keep your views and methods up to date.
 picture of Dean Shareski

Project #12B

My Interview with Mrs Seaman 3rd Grade Teacher at Castlen Elementary School in Grand Bay, Alabama.

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Project #14

 labeled skeleton

Lesson Plan
Check List

Blog Post 11

Back to The Future is a great way to get the students excited about science and all other subjects. I do agree that project based learning is the way that students learning the most out of every opportunity given to the students. Brian Crosby has a great teaching style for the teaching that I am going to strive to use. Students showing off their skills by posting to their own blogs gives them the chance to reach the world with new ideas on ways to learn. I really enjoyed the high hopes ideas to show them they are important and that they can reach the world even as young as they are. I can see that being taught the skills to teach yourself and agreeing to always be an active learning can really enrich your students excitement about learning new things

Blended Learning Cycle by Paul Anderson is a great example of using all technology and regular materials in a cycle. Giving your students a great hook "a great in depth questions" is a great way to draw the students in to researching,graphing,experimenting and then reviewing. Once this process is completed the teacher then gets involved in getting the students to explain they question this way they will know if they full understand. They then are given the summary quiz and then eventually a paper pen quiz. If they don't make a great in-depth answer then the cycle is repeated so the child will be able to learn the necessary information. I do believe this is a great way for students to not feel like they have been given up on.

Making thinking visible by Mark Church using collaboration in learning is a great way for students to really brain storm and use their ideas to answer the driving questions. When asking the questions students then have to do their own research into finding the answers of why or why not on their own. Developing the skills to show that they can problem solve own their own without being given the answers.

Super Digital Citizen is a great way to teach safety in internet searching. Creating a superhero character is a great way to engage to students in to learning with a sense of ownership to them. The comic book is a great way to create a narrative of a situation that would happen in real life and be able to use their super hero character to show them what is wrong about what they are trying to do. I do believe safety is a major issue with online learning and using these scenarios to help each student be aware of the dangers is a great way to stop the danger before its a problem.

Project Based Learning By Dean Shareski is a great way to see that feedback is a great tool in the teaching process. The idea of combining subjects into one is a great way to have more time to work and teach. This to me is a great idea. I do believe also that every student needs feedback in every area of their work. Once a child sees that the teacher feedback is their to help them do better and not to tear them down they will want to do their best and go over a beyond whats asked of them.

Roosevelt Elementary Project Based Learning is such a great example of this way of learning. Students are being taught to work collaboratively on a real life situation to come up with an answer to the problem. I can see that students of any learning style can really benefit from the project based learning due to the fact that it will give them the confidence that they can do it. This is a great way to help student be creative and develop the skill need to be great problem solvers own there own.
 information on PBL

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C4K month of October

Adriana's Blog in Ms. Rivera's 6th Grade Reading Class

I really enjoyed reading her account on what happened in the book series Divergent. I am now wanting to read the series so I can see if I can see the same information Adriana did.

Mrs Ripp's Class Cali J'S Blog

She made a really great point on how great it would be for you to decide when to take the test on the material given. This could help with the test nervousness, let the student relax ,and the student will then in turn make better grades.

Jack's Blog in Mrs Essenberg's class
Jack did a real good job describing himself and what he liked and didn't liked in nice colors.

 arrow with steps to blogging

Blog Post #10

Watching the Little Kids...Big Potential." Kathy Cassidy's 1st grade class shows that children at any age can benefit from having technology available to them in their learning environments. Listening to the excitement in the students makes me want to be able to have these learning style in my classrooms in the future. I only see one drawn back and that is not every school has access to the technology to be able teach in this way. I can't wait for all this technology to be available in every classroom so this learning style can be taught to every student.

Being a future teacher I would like to have a classroom blog and Facebook page so that I can post future assignments, weeks test, spelling list, and upcoming activities and the work of my Students. Having links to the different learning sites that students can have access to when at home can really help with giving extra practice to what's being taught. Parents can also post to this site with any questions about whats going on.

The interview with Kathy Cassidy shows that we as teachers should always be open to learning anything that will help they students succeeded. Learning the different technology can be a great benefit in showing the students the new ways in learning.
Part 1 with Kathy Cassidy
Part 2 with Kathy Cassidy
Part 3 with Kathy Cassidy

 boy using ipad for information

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Blog Post #9

 diagram of the seven project based items

Reading the article on the "Seven Essentials for Project-Based Learning is a great way to instruct students in the learning process. I believe taking these seven steps will really help keep kids motivated to learn and show what they have learned to whoever will listen.
Being a teacher that asks the right initiation and engaging questions can really get every child involved and excited about learning. I can see where students seeing that their teacher is stepping back and giving them the freedom to do their own research with all the technology available to them can make the difference in the enthusiasm of the student. Having students researching, testing and drawing conclusions on their own is a great step in developing the essential skill of solving problems on their own. I can also see by having the students present their work to an audience can really make them take more pride in their work and do their best. This I believe is a great way to really boost a child's confidence in the learning process.

Watching the video on Project-Based teaching Learning for Teachers you can see how PBL can engage the students to go over and beyond whats asked of them and keeping the learning positive. It showed how you can teach the PBL style and still teach all the core standard that the students need to know. I do think that giving the student's the reigns for them to do all the research they learn far more that The teacher telling them.

In the Video What Motivates Students in the Classroom many students are asked to expressed what motivates them. One student stated that having positive feedback is important. In my own personal experience when all you hear is negative feedback it drains the excitement out of what you are doing and you dread all of it. Students can be corrected by being positive about how you go about correcting them. Another student stated that his mom takes away his baseball games which he loves. This is a great motivation because the student will want to do their best to be able to do what they love. I also believe as a teacher that if you can find the motivation triggers of each of your students you can effectively keep the students engaged in all learning processes.

Watching the video "Wing Project: Crafting A Driving Question teachers had a goal to develop a driving question that would engage their students to discover their own answers by exploring all resources to solve. I can see how it can be hard on the teachers that have been teaching in the same style for many years to be able to come up with projects easily. I agree with the pairing of the ones that have the experience to those who don't is a great way to accomplish the goal at hand. A great driving question can really spark the learning processes and give the students the urge to do their best and want to learn.

My favorite video was Students solve the Case of the Watery Ketchup. This is a great example of Project-Based Learning allowing the kids to take the driving questions, the time given, and technology available to come up with the solution to the problem before them. You can see that they really had a lot of fun and really to pride in the solution they had.

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Project 9 Book Conversation

Implications & Teaching Opportunities for Camera Use in Teaching & Learning

I rely on my smartphone for everything and it is a big part of my life. I use it for getting directions, communication,picture taking, making videos, viewing my emails, and so much more. As a student in college I use my smartphone as my portable computer because it is easier to grab than getting my laptop out and waiting on it to come on.

Now a days most every student has a smartphone. This is somethings students are told to keep in their book bags and keep turn off. I can see where some teachers and administrators view devices as ways for students to cheat and use to increase bullying. This could be true in some cases but I can also see the benefits of having the phone available in the classroom. Students would have the capability of researching information right then and not having to wait till a computer is available. With many Schools going into the digital age where an electronic device is highly recommended for every student it only makes sense to allow the smartphone to be used in the classroom.
students using smartphones in class
One app the students can access and really use is camera function not only does it take pictures but also videos. Students can take pictures of the notes the teacher gives for later reference or video the lecture to use later to study. It can also be used in the different projects given by making presentations and movies of the assignments. They can also use the digital boards to keep everything organized or make a I movie to really show the information they are wanting to share.

Smartphones are the future and any tools you can enable students to learn is a positive thing. It can only enhance the learning process and make a better student.

Some ideas about Teaching with a SmartPhone">

Blog Post 8

What can we learn about teaching and Learning from Randy Pausch?
 Randy Pausch

I was very impressed with Randy Pausch's Last Lecture. He shared many idea's that can be a very positive way to make a difference in how to view any situation that occurs in life or the classroom. The two that really stood out to me was the "Enabling the Dreams of Others" and "When you see yourself doing something badly and no one says anything anymore then thats a key sign that they have given up on you".

"Enabling the Dreams of Others" to me is very important in the creative process for anyone. Dreaming can spark the imagination which can really be beneficial in the project based learning. This day and time we see that many children don't take the time to develop their imagination because of all the electronics available. Being a teacher that is able to help a student develop their imagination with encouraging the dreaming process can really build the confidence in the student's life. It also will give the students the tools to do the assignments themselves. Students need to know that their is not always a yes or no answer to everything and thinking outside the box is okay.

The idea Randy Pausch shared about " When you see yourself doing something badly and no one says anything anymore then thats. a key sign that they have given up on you" is so true in today's world. I think it is human nature to give up on things or people that just don't get it. This should be a big warning for anyone especially teachers. Never show anyone that you have given up on them. As a child it was hard for me to concentrate with a lot of commotion and with a class of over 25 it was easy for my teacher labeled me as learning disabled. This then pushed me into another class part of the day which removed me from her class. This showed me that was I was dumb and then I developed the I don't care attitude. When I was promoted to the next grade that teacher saw that I was capable of doing everything the other students could. She then stayed on me to do my best and showed me that I could do anything that I set my mind to. I owe her so much for not giving up on me and showing me that I was capable of making good grades. With this confidence I made honor roll and graduated high school with an advanced diploma with honors. My goal is to find all my students potential and help them develop it and accomplish it. So that they will have the confidence that anything is at there reach as long as they want it.

I am every grateful that Dr. Strange assigned this as a blog post. I am going to make sure the ideas he shared are incorporated in my teaching style.

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Blog Post 7

How to Make An Audio QR Code By: Michele Bennett
This video shows you step by step how to create an audio QR Code. What a great beneficial tool for teachers to have in the classroom.
The function that stands out to me the most is how the students could read along. Seeing the words and hearing them pronounced is great for the students memory and word recognition. Being able to learn these concepts is a great confidence booster for a child learning to read.

Ipad in the Reading Center By: Ginger Tuck
In this video students are using the Ipad to record themselves reading a passage and then can play back their reading to see if they made any mistakes. This to me is a great way for the students to use their skills taught to them to correct the problems. This is a great example of how much technology in the classroom is a great way for students to excel in their learning.

Poplet as a Center
Poplet is a great app to have when needing to create a web. I can see this app really benefiting the younger students in creating webs with pictures and adding text. This app is a great way to teach the children to take pictures, type in text, and create a web using the I pad. This gives the children the tools to make and learn all about a subject by having a template to complete their research and store what was found.

Alabama Virtual Library as a Kindergarden Center
The Virtual Library is a great way to access information from library books on a electronic device. This allows the Children to access books that may not be in the schools library. The function that reads the books to the children is a great way for the Children who struggle with reading to be able to complete the activities without getting frustrated with the reading.

Discovery Education by:Tammy Shirley
Discovery Education is a great way for students to do research on a particular topic and store it all in on place. This is a great way for the student to work independently or with a group. Seeing the student explain how she was able to create the board you can see that it is very user friendly.

Students Sharing:
1.Board Builder Project by Mrs. Tassin
2.Board Builder Project By Mrs. Tassin

This reminds me of the science project we had to do on the tri-fold poster display boards. This looks like a lot more fun and interactive process. In the first video the boys went on a virtual field trip and then collected pictures from Safari and displayed them along with the information about the animal.

In the second video the girls explained the information about "The Haven" and animal rescue place. They were collecting money to provide the animals with the necessary item they need to survive until a new home is found. You could hear in the children's voice the passion that they had for this cause. Having the children develop this board allows the children to display the information to whoever asks about the cause.

Using iMovie and the Alabama Virtual Library in Kindergarten
Listening to Michele Bennett and Elizabeth Davis talk about using technology in the classroom really opens my eyes to all the learning that they students have at their finger tips. The younger you can introduce these different programs and apps to the Children the better they will understand them and can use them. I can see the excitement in the children when they are able to use the devices to find the information themselves and also to create the book trailers.

We All Become Learners
Listening to Dr Strange, Michele Bennett, and Elizabeth Davis you can tell how passionate they are about having technology available in the classroom. Its seem to be a concept that is easy to teach to the younger generation. I know from personal experience it is not all easy as an adult to learn. Thank you for your insight into the Project Based Learning and the importance of having the use of technology available in the classroom.

student using ipad in class

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Project #8 Book Trailer

Blog Post #6 Learning with Anthony Capps

Anthony and Dr Strange

Watching the video series with Anthony Capps you can see that the Project Based Learning can really be an important tool in the education process. As a teacher being able to have automatic resources for the children to do most of their research on their own is a very important step in the learning process. Having students that are independent allows the teacher to step back and help the ones that are in need of the help.

In the videos Project Based Learning Part 1 and Project Based Learning Part 2 with Dr. Strange and Anthony gave me great insight into the examples of how this concept of financial based learning really works. I know that as a teacher following the state standards are a major part of your job but also you are to keep your children engaged in learning. Students being able to do anything hands own is not only the best way to learn but will be a great learning resource for children to associate with which in turn will not be forgotten as easy as just worksheets and plain text.

Anthony talks about two search engines one ICurio and Discovery Ed. ICurio is a great way for children to search the internet with safe filter in place to keep them from finding inappropriate items. ICurio also helps with virtual organization and has a directory feature for an easier way to locate specific information. I also liked the read aloud feature which will help students with different diversities.

The one conversation with Anthony Capps that really stands out to me is the Tips for Teachers part 1. Hearing the Key things that Dr Strange and Anthony Capps talked about I do believe are very important for students to keep in mind as the start teaching.
1) Teachers should always be willing to have an open mind and be willing to learn new things.
2) Teaching is a job that is hard working, never ending and Always rewarding.
3) Teachers should know that things happen and you should be flexible in all situations.
4) Start all your lessons with a end Goal in mind.
5) Keep all kids engaged 100% of the time with 100% of their projects.
6) Make sure the kids always reflect on their projects, Revise and share their work to the other students.

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C4K Summary for month September

 poster that says All Students can Shine

I really enjoyed reading Nikki's Blog. I do believe her book review is a great way to draw in other students with an interest in reading the book for themselves. So that they can then find out what all happens to Olivia.
Cover of Sleepover book

Reading Nieka post on her Elephant whisperer Nieka's Blog you can tell that she had a great understanding of what she had read by the detail she used in her explanation. I enjoy seeing how children are using the blogs as an extra way to communicate with there teachers and other students.
 Book cover with Elephant

I enjoyed reading Rowans Blog Mrs Greers ELA because of all the expressions he used to explain where the characters were located, the things that they saw, and the events that were taking place within the story.
tree limb with a bird perched on it

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My Sentence Videos

Project #3 Presentation

Blog Post #5

When I saw the Question "What is a PLN(Personal Learning Network)?" it sparked my interest in learning more about it. To me I can see that it is a great way to have all your online links organized and at your finger tips. In researching Netvibes and Symbaloo I found that Symbaloo was a lot more user friendly. I gave my 11 year old a chance to try the two sites out and she choose Symbaloo as the sight that she could use without help.
word Symbaloo
I can see where the Personal Learning Network is a great tool for anyone to incorporate in all their digital media works. I have found that social media sites such as Facebook and twitter are great ways to follow your friends, fellow classmates, and even your classes. This allows for you to receive updates in all areas whither it be a class update or just a change in your family or friends lives. As a child, we didn't have the quick availability of getting our questions answered immediately and doing research from home was not something you could do not unless you had a set of encyclopedias. I do see where our children now have the tools to really get the most out of the learning process and developing a PLN is a great way for the children to really take control of there learning and feel in control of it all.
list of social media,bloggs,websites,marking,interactive,global,computer,media,communication, and viral

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C4T Comment for Teachers Project #4 1 and 2

 girl dress as supper hero
After reading "The Art of Listening" on The Adventure of Library Girl's blog. I was able to see a situation where asking the right questions can be an important tool. Jennifer La Grande in this post did a great job in asking the questions to the teachers "What would it take to make you see bringing students to the library as a good use of your instructional time?". This proved to be a great way to get the information needed to make her new job as librarian a little easier. This also showed the teachers that she was there to work hand and hand with them to make the trips to the library an educational experience and not a waste of time. Jennifer was able to have the library visits how the teachers needed them for the instructional time and also made them an adventure for the children to all look forward to.

Being able to compile data from many different people and turn it into how you teach or in Jennifer's case being a librarian shows that you are willing to listen to others and change without holding a grudge or getting mad that your way is wrong. As teachers working together in all areas will not only make the learning environment a positive one but also keeps the kids engaged in the subject matter without any voids in the learning.

Not only can this concept work for teachers to communicate with teachers. But I can see the teacher engaging the students in an educational question and giving them a chance to make their decision on what learning style will better suit the class or each individual student can be beneficial. I am really glad this Blog was assigned for me to read and comment on. I learned some valuable tools that I hope will not only make me a good teacher but will help me with the teacher to teacher relationship that is so important.

 class standing on walk way dropping Barbies off the side

Walking in Mathland
When reading this blog post I really enjoyed how the teacher taught the lesson on Linear Extrapolation (line of best fit). Natalie Turbiville had her students bring in barbies/action figures and she provided the rubber bands. The students were divided in groups of four and were giving a packet and the rubber band to start collecting their data to complete a workable bungee cord. They had to collect pre and post data for the experiment. The,in the experiment the students attached the Barbie/Action figure to their rubber bands and had them jump and videoed their results. I do believe that hands on activities are a great way for students to not only take control of their learning and to also for the students to remember that concept by associating it with the experiment done. I also enjoyed seeing and hearing how much the children loved learning in this way.

Project #15 Search Engines

tool box with the words Web Tools inside
Exploring the Different Search Engines these where the ones that I could see myself using:

#1 Web MD: This is a great search engine to have medical information available 24/7 by inputing your symptoms that you are experiencing and find out what illness you may have. It also allows you to input medications and see what side effects they may have and what illnesses they may treat. You can also learn about heath living and what the experts say.

#2 WolframAlpha: This is a great search engine for computing math problems and equations. This also gives example of different problems to give you help with those specific math problems. This site also shows the children how to work the problems out to help them understand.

#3 This is a great search engine for a person to get help in finding a job in their area. It allows them to input their job interests and tells them what job is available. Then if a job is found that they would like to apply for you can upload their resume and send to that employer.
 Cartoon man with magnifying glass looking down at the word JOBS

#4 This is a great way to find homes that interest you without wasting a day driving around and not finding anything that you like. You can input the area you are interested in and then Zillow finds the houses that are available and allows you to view pictures, the local map of the area around the listing and see the price of the home. This allows you to decide if the home is a listing you would like to visit in person. This also shows you apartments that are available in the area as well.

#5 This is a great search engine to use because it doesn't collect personal data. This allows you to search the Internet with great security function. I saw that this kept the pop up ads to a minimum because no data is giving to show your interests.

#6 This is a very similar Search Engine to Google and yahoo. This allows you to search the information you are needing to find the answers to and locate the sights to go to. I enjoy this site the most when wanting to watch shows that I have missing on the television or just want to see again.

#7 This site allow you to search several different travel sites to find the best hotel, airfare, and rental car prices for the trip you are wanting to take. Having to only input the information for your trip one time and having several sites show the cheapest routes to take is a time saver.

#8 This site allows you to ask it any question and it will help you find the sites needed to answer that particular question. This is very similar to google and yahoo but offers different sights to view for the answer.

 Ruler that looks like a person with the words Save this link before its to Late.

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Blog Post #4

Being a teacher you will ask several questions through out your day. Keeping all the students engaged in the daily questions can be a daunting task. As a substitute myself I can see that many of the questions that I was asking were not questions that would engage the student to think beyond the questions. Watching Questioning Styles this really opened my eyes to the different style to keep everyone focus and thinking beyond the questions asked. I especially liked when he allowed the child to turn and pick a classmate to answer the question next. Having the different styles and techniques can really help not only the students but the teachers as well.

Watching Open Ended Questions and Asking Better Questions really gave me a better understanding of how open ended questions can really engage to students to really think beyond the simple question and give a detailed answer. This to me is a very effective tool because for the students that have trouble thinking beyond with the student sharing their thoughts other student can take this information a spark the thought process within them. As a teacher being able to observe the class and really use the open ended questions can prove to be a style of teaching that students will enjoy and not realize that they are learning in the process.

Ask Questions

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Blog Post #3

 Tag poster
Picture By:

Peer Editing

In this assignment I do understand how peer editing can be an essential part of the learning process. These videos and blog post showed how this process is a simple way to help your peers with their work. Staying positive is a great way for the other student to be willing to listen to the comment and correct the mistakes rather than getting offended by the comments and dismissing the advice before giving it a chance.

Some students also learn better from their peers than they do with the teacher. I know it is a lot easier to approach a fellow classmate and ask for help than it is to walk up and ask the teacher. Knowing that you have someone giving you feedback on things within your work is a positive step in making the changes needed before it is public knowledge. With this blog being a public recorded of you work I myself would chose to have the comments sent to me privately and not out for the world to view. This then enables me to make the changes with out being embarrassed at the mistakes made. I don’t want my fellow followers to see to may of my downfalls. Not that all the comments need to be made in a email but I do think most of the major issues should be handled that way.

A former teacher taught me that if you read the passage once to yourself and it sound right turn around and read it again out loud this way you can be sure to catch any errors that are obvious to the other readers.This process has been very successful for me in the past and I try and use it within all my work now. Peer editing is a tool that everyone should use and not be afraid of.

 Being a good critic poster